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The Agents

Michael Brooks: guitar and vocals
Mike Holland: guitar and vocals
Gordon Larson: bass
Bill Tisdel: keyboards
Mike Mahoney: drums and vocals

The members of The Agents were from Salinas, Prunedale and Soledad. The group was the started in 1979 by Brooks and Holland after they left the band Poco Loco.

They concentrated mostly on original music written by Brooks,opening for a lot of national acts such as The Greg Kihn Band, The Tasmanian Devils, The Rubinoos, Gary Myrick and The Figures, as well as playing most of the clubs and concert venues in the Monterey and Santa Cruz area.

They recorded 6 songs, 2 of which (Battlezone & Baby You Don't) were played on the legendary radio station KLRB.

As is often the case there was a difference of opinion in the direction the band should take and Brooks left in June of 1982. The group continued on for a while with a new lead singer doing cover songs but finally disbanded.

Brooks went on to play in the band Beyondion with Mahoney drumming and later Bombay (without Mahoney). Holland continued to play in local bands and got the job playing bass for Hendrix tribute artist Randy Hansen for a couple of years and still plays locally. Tisdel continued to play in local bands and teach piano and is also currently playing. Larson and Mahoney retired from playing to concentrate on family life.

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Battle Zone

Baby You Don't

I Just Wanna Dance

Do It My Way

What The Music Can Do

Tisdel, Larson, Holland, Mahoney, Brooks