Beau Gents

Harvey Chaffin - Guitar,vocals
Jim Monigold - Bass,vocals
Tim (Beau) Powell - Drums,vocals

From Salinas,CA.

The members of the Beau Gents were already seasoned musicians when the got together. Harvey had led his own band Harvey's Morticians which were a very popular local act. Jim had also led his own popular band The J.M. Merseymen. Beau Powell had played drums with local band The Premiers. The Beau Gents played various shows and venues before heading up to Fairbanks,Alaska to hook up with another Salinas musician Bill Wence who had secured 18 weeks worth of jobs in that area.
After returning to Salinas the band,minus Wence,headed to Tikis Studio in San Jose,CA to record two original songs. The result was the garage rock classics "Three Letter Word" sung by Monigold and "Big Black Machine" sung by Powell. The songs were recorded live and sound much bigger than just 3 guys. Both sides contain great fuzz guitar and numerous tempo changes and rave ups.The band continued to play as either The Beau Gents or The Lavender Blues and recorded another record as The Cherokee.

Three Letter Word

Big Black Machine

Thanks to Wanda Lou Chaffin Erwin for the great pictures

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