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Special thanks to Jerry Ford

Here's some information & stuff for you all on "Monterey's Most Underground Band"..... BENT

Original Members 1981ish: (From Left To Right) Speed Cozboom, Jerry Ford, Bob Gamber, Michael Kainer, Derek Dean (Photo By Derek Dean)

BENT STUDIO 1983ish Jeff Smith (Drums), Jerry Ford (Guitar), Derek Dean (Bass) (Photo by Derek Dean) Taken at 357 Monroe (Eddie Burns), Monterey.... Bent Studio.

BENT Road Closed 1986ish: (From Left To Right) Bob Gamber, Bettina McBee, Z, Brian Leach, Roger C. Henderson, Jerry Ford (Knealing). (Photo By Monterey Herald)

BENT '85 At the CLUB: (Left To Right) Derek Dean (Bass), Bob Gamber (Drums), Jerry Ford (Guitar) (Photo By Bill Hale)

JERRY BENT: (Promotional picture taken around 85ish by Bill Hale at Bent Studios in Monterey.) Jerry Ford

B F D: (From Left To Right) Dale Bright, Jerry Ford, Derek Dean. (Promotional picture taken by Derek Dean for an off shoot of the band BENT that performed at two Pelican Bent-A-Fit Balls and had a reunion concert in 2004)

BENT 2004: (From left To Right) Jerry Ford, Bob Gamber, Derek Dean (Photo By Derek Dean taken during the 2004 reunion of BENT)

BENTSTOCK 2004: Poster for the 2004 reunion concert with BENT and B F D. (Created by Jerry Ford)

JF MASTERMIND: Jerry Ford at the CLUB in Monterey '85ish (Photo By Bill Hale)

BENT '82 PRESS: Coasting Magazine by Joe Dimaggio

BENT '92 PRESS: Monterey Herald by Mac McDonald

BFD 2004: (From Left To Right) Derek Dean (Bass), Dale Bright (Drums), Jerry Ford (Guitar) (Photo By Derek Dean)

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