The Fisher Brothers

Darwayne Fisher - Guitar,vocals
Brodie Fisher - Guitar,vocals

From Salinas,CA

I need information and pictures of The Fisher Brothers.Any help is greatly appreciated.

J.R. Monigold played bass and Jerry Contreras played drums on Girls Cry Over Boys and Thunder And Lightnin'

Jim Monigold played bass and Tom Sawyer played drums on The Big Round Wheel and By The Time You Read This Letter

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Girls Cry Over Boys

Thunder And Lightnin'

The Big Round Wheel

By The Time You Read This Letter

Special thanks to Kim Waggener, Dawn Fisher-Smith and Angela(Fisher)Bowman

Jerry Contreras, J.R.Monigold, Darwayne, Brodie, Jerry Strump?

Darwayne and Brodie



Darwayne And Brodie

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