Hot Coffee

From Santa Cruz,CA.

Linden Coffee - Lead Guitar, Vocals
George La France - drums
Bob Rackstraw - bass
Richard "Dick" Tranchina - Guitar
Earl Latham - Guitar then Bass after Bob Rackstraw left
Walter May - Keyboards replaced by
Dave Holt - Keyboard, Sax

Hot Coffee was a regular at Mission Ranch in Carmel and the Coconut Grove at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. They also played to packed houses at The Poison Spring in Capitola.
During the "draft" years in the 60's the entire band went in the National Guard.

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Special thanks to Linden Coffee!

Special thanks to Dale Newlin for the unreleased tracks!

Someday You Will Die

Cheatin On Me

Let's Live (unreleased)

Born Lost (unreleased)

Movin' Too Fast (unreleased)

Diggin' Life To Care (unreleased)

Straight Ahead (unreleased)

Let's Live (unreleased alternate version)

Walter May, Dick Tranchina, George La France, Linden Coffee

Advertisement from the Salinas Californian newspaper 1968

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