Harold Hudspeth

From Salinas,CA.

Harold Hudspeth started performing in 1956 playing all of the local music venues and sharing the stage with most of the areas best players. He recorded under the names Hud Speth and Hud Stacy. The two Hud Speth songs included here were written by Fred Fisher, who was the father of local recording artists The Fisher Brothers. The songs were recorded at Glen Wardlow's studio on Monterey Street in Salinas in the late '60's. Willie Bryant provided both lead guitar and six string fuzz bass, Ernie Hagar was on steel guitar, Wimpy on piano, Red Kaiser on bass and Carter Powell on drums. Jerry Wahl provided the harmony vocals. The Hud Stacy tracks were recorded in Bakersfield at Buck Owens' studio in 1971 and featured the same musicians as the first record.

Hud had gone to Dot records to try to secure a record deal and was told they wanted to sign him, however, he never heard back and figured they had changed their minds. It wasn't until years later that he found out his first wife had called up Dot records and told them that Hud would not be be available to tour or promote his records. At least he found out why Dot never called back and it had nothing to do with his talent. Hud retired from performing in 1977.

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Truck For Sale

Blues And Misery

Graveyard Shift

Hanging On

Everybody's Lonesome (previously unreleased)

Then You'll Know (previously unreleased)

Big Gray Rock (previously unreleased)

Graveyard Shift (alternate version)

Hanging On (alternate version)

Then You'll Know (alternate version)

Hud and Gordon Terry

Hud and Don Yount

Country star Susan Raye and Hud

Susan Raye with Hud's band at Buck Owens' studio

Hud with his band The Nighthawks

Larry Collins, Harley Malone, Lorrie Collins and Hud

Hud and his wife Jean

Bobby Austin and Hud at KEAP radio in Fresno

Country singer/actor Eddie Dean and Hud

Hud and Don Yount

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