List of local bands

List Of local Monterey Bay bands

This list is constantly being updated.

100 Proof

37 Scence -Carmel

8 Second Ride -Salinas

87th Off Broadway -Seaside

A Nickel & A Nail

Agents, The -Salinas

Alisa Fineman

Another Roadside Attraction -Monterey

Artichoke Band Santa Cruz

Astonished Man Monterey

Aunt Maggie's Basement Blues Band -Monterey

Avenue, The

Band X -Salinas


Bare Hyde -Monterey

Barney Carl -Salinas

Batteries, The -Santa Cruz

Beau Gents -Salinas

Believers -Monterey

Bent -Monterey

Big Jim DeNoon -Salinas

Bill Hearn And The Freeze -Monterey

Bitter Seeds, The -Monterey

Black Arm Band -Monterey

Black Velvet -Salinas

Blue Alligator, The -Monterey

Bluegrass Carmel -Carmel

Bo Williams

Bombay -Monterey

Bright Sky

Broadway Blues Band -Monterey

Bryan Diamond -Monterey

C.L. Frost

Cachagua Playboys, The -Carmel

California -Monterey

Camera -Monterey

Cannery Roll -Monterey

Catharsis -Monterey

Charlotte Wood -Salinas

Charley Brown and the Peanuts

Cheeky Spanks -Monterey

Cherokee, The -Salinas

Chords, The -Salinas

Cimmaron -Salinas

City Limits Band -Salinas

Classics, The -Watsonville

Coast Ridge Boys

Coast Toasties, The -Watsonville

Cobras, The -Pacific Grove

Cold Shot

Concern Inc

Corny and the Corvettes -Santa Cruz

Cosmic Turkeys

Country Gentlemen, The -Salinas

Country Magic


Cow Patty Bingo

Critical Mix

Cubes, The -Monterey


Dakota Band

Danny Lester -Watsonville

Dave And The Wave -Monterey

Dave Holehouse Blues Band

David Ash -Salinas

Decepters -Salinas


Deluxe Band

Denver Overland Pony Express -Monterey

Downbeats, The -Hollister

Drama -Salinas

Du-sonics,The -Salinas

Duck Butter -Monterey


E-Types, The -Salinas

Earling Warning

Eddie And The Tide -Santa Cruz

English Leather -Watsonville

Ernie Hagar -Salinas


Fabulos Bagtones -Monterey

Farrah Faceplant -Monterey

Fat Madeline -Monterey

Firehouse Harris

Fisher Brothers, The -Salinas

Fleet Feet

Floating Mission

Forever Free -Salinas

Fragile Monterey

Galaxies,The -Salinas

Gary Messick -Salinas



Grand Congress?

Hallelujah -Monterey

Hammerhead -Salinas

Harley Malone -Salinas

Harold Hudspeth -Salinas

Harvey and the Malibus -Salinas

Harvey's Morticians -Salinas

Hot Coffee -Santa Cruz

Idols, The -Salinas

Image -Seaside

J.M. Merseymen -Salinas

Jake Stock and the Abalone Stompers -Monterey

Jasmin T -Monterey

Jay and the Mark 5 -Monterey

Jerry Coulston And The Pacers -Watsonville

JET Monterey

Jim Hearn -Monterey

Jim Howard -Salinas

Jody McCauley -Salinas

Johnice Salinas

Johnny Amelio -Hollister

Johnny Wad & The Instigators

Jonah and the Whalewatchers -Monterey

Kachabeat -Salinas



Kevin Feeney

Larry Hosford -Salinas

Lavender Blues -Salinas

Lavender Glass

Layton and Foster -Salinas

Little Russell's Revenge

Live culture

Liven End, The

London Fog -Salinas

Lord Luther -Salinas

Louie And The Lovers -Salinas

Lovers and Strangers -Monterey


Lyle And Peake -Salinas

Martha Lou -Salinas

Medflys, The -Monterey

Mice, The

Michael Skopes


Mongoose -Salinas

Mr. Lucky


Nation On Fire

Nectar of the Gods

New Miracles, The -Salinas

Night Train Express -Salinas

Nite Life

Noiz, The -Salinas


Oktober -Watsonville

Once Again -Salinas


Outeredge -Salinas

Pendeltons,The -Salinas

Penetrators, The


Poco Loco -Watsonville

Poor Souls, The -Monterey

Prey, The -Monterey


Ragged Staff, The -Salinas

Randy Torre And The Libras -Monterey

Red Beans and Rice -Monterey

Red Light Nightmare

Rented Tux

Reyvens, The -Salinas

Riverstone -Monterey

Rock 'N' Rye -Monterey

Roger Eddy Band -Monterey

Rushad Eggleston. -Monterey

Rusk And McGowan -Monterey

Ryker Island -Salinas

Saddletramp -Salinas

Santa Rita Allstars -Salinas

Shadow -Salinas

Shaggywags, The -Salinas

Shilo -Monterey

Sideminders, The -Monterey

Snail Santa Cruz

Sons of Red Planet

Sound Experience


Strictly Country -Salinas



Talon Wedge -Santa Cruz

Tao Chemical -Santa Cruz

Those Guys

Tim Floyd -Salinas

Time Keepers,The -Salinas

Time Troops

Tocatta -Monterey

Tom Faia -Monterey

Toys, The -Monterey

Trans Atlantic Train -Monterey

Uncle Ben And The Wild Rice -Santa Cruz

Uncle Rainbow -Monterey

Usual Suspects, The -Monterey

Valery Stallcup -Salinas

Vermillion Lies -Monterey

Vitrons, The -Watsonville


Wayne Sloan -Monterey

WD and the Allstars -Monterey

West Coast Five, The -Salinas


Wylie Band -Monterey

Young Ones, The -Seaside

Young Presidents, The -Monterey