Garland Jackson, Jeremy and Kenny

Lyle & Peake

From Salinas,CA.

Jeremy Lyle - Vocals, 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars, electric lead guitar, bass, harmonica

Kenny Peake - Vocals, 6 and 12 string guitars, drums

Jeremy Lyle grew up on the music of the sixties and early seventies and knew he wanted to play guitar and sing. After playing in various secular bands over the years, he decided to dedicate his life to Jesus and started to play in church where he formed a christian music band called Rebirth. Kenny Peake had a similar background when he started attending the same church as Jeremy. Kenny joined Rebirth as their drummer. Jeremy and Kenny would get together to write songs and decided it was time to record their original tunes. The other members from Rebirth couldn't make the sessions so Jeremy and Kenny played all the parts themselves. Recording took place over the course of a few weeks in a small studio in Prunedale, California. Jeremy played acoustic 6 or 12 string guitars and overdubbed the Bass and electric lead guitar parts. Kenny also played 6 or 12 string acoustic guitar and overdubbed the drum parts. Kenny sang lead on "Daniel" and "Jesus Is Savior" while Jeremy sang lead on the other songs. Both musicians overdubbed harmony vocal parts. The only other person to contribute to the record was friend David Powell who happened to stop by a recording session just in time to lend a harmony vocal part to "Daniel" The album was titled "White Dove" and was released to little fanfare but has gone on to become hugely popular in the Christian Rock, XIAN genres. Below is a review of the album from the Standin' At The Crossroads website:

Jeremy Lyle and Kenny Peake's custom lp is an exceptional mix of hard-edged garage rock, jangly hippie folk and dreamy acoustic songs. The electric stuff will blow you away, rugged basement rhythm guitar coupled with stinging electric leads, bringing a rough Jefferson Airplane kind of sound to 'Armageddon Blues', 'Get Your Life In Tune', 'Jesus Is Savior' and 'Open Your Heart', all of which have extensive fuzz guitar soloing. Bass and drums are in there, too (no keyboards). The twosome is equally effective in the unplugged format, their 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars creating soft impressionistic folk/psych moods within titles like 'White Dove'. The delicate acoustic ballads 'Such A Long, Long Time' and 'Jesus Gave Us Life For Free' have a fragile sincerity that is intensely moving. A touch of harmonica on 'Daniel 2:20', soft Byrds-like jingle-jangle on 'Love Still Remains'. More climactic fuzz can be found building up the closing ballad 'We Are The Stillness Of Silence'. An outstanding record and a prime candidate for Christian monsterhood. Nice cover painting of a dove. Recorded in Monterey, California.

Special thanks to Jeremy Lyle for the background information and pictures. Jeremy is still writing and performing Christian Music and his latest release "Rain Down Truth And Power" can be found on 'cdbaby' or Amazon for download.

Click on a song title below to hear that song.

White Dove

Such A Long, Long Time


Armageddon Blues / Get your Life In Tune

Love Still Remains

Jesus Is Savior

Jesus Gave Us Life For Free

Open Your Heart

We Are The Stillness Of Silence

Below are outake pictures from the back album cover shoot

Rebirth: Jeremy Lyle, Kenny Peake, Jerry Singley, and Les Gilbert

Rebirth: Garland Jackson, Jeremy and Kenny at Sherwood Hall in Salinas

Rebirth: Garland Jackson, Kenny and Jeremy at Sherwood Hall in Salinas

Rebirth: Dave Powell, Kenny, Jeremy and Garland Jackson at the Gilroy Gospel Festival

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