Poco Loco

Mike Holland - Guitar,Vocals
Richard Bivins - Bass,vocals
George Scurich - Keyboards,Vocals
Harry Benich - Drums
Michael Brooks - Guitar,Vocals

From Watsonville,CA.

Poco Loco was based out of Watsonville,CA in the late 70's. They played many places in Santa Cruz, Aptos, Watsonville, Monterey and the surrounding areas. Specializing in original tunes the group had 4 singer/songwriters with Bivins, Scurich, Holland and Brooks trading off. They also covered many of the then up and comming bands such as Tom Petty,Elvis Costello,Be Bop Deluxe,and Eddie Money. They recorded four originals in the summer of 1978 at MARS Studios in Aptos. Holland and Brooks left to form The Agents and the other three members regrouped with two new guitarists as Coast Toasties.

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Space Baby

Once Or Twice

When The Planets Collide


Bivins and Holland

Brooks and Holland making a statement

Harry, please answer the question!

Bivins,Benich and Holland

Bivins and Holland

Benich,Holland and Brooks




George and Richard

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