Tommy Faia And The True Blue Facts

From Carmel,CA.

Tommy Faia And The True Blue Facts consisted of Tom Faia on guitar, harmonica and vocals and David Rosenkranz on drums and flute. They first got together in grade school and continued performing together off and on through high school. In 1966 David had a drumming job at a studio in Los Angeles and he told Tom to come down so he could shop his songs around. They recorded a demo at the studio David was working at and the owner of the studio took the songs around L.A. Producer/manager Ed Forsyth liked what he heard and within a couple of weeks had secured a deal with A&M records. They went into the studio and recorded "Who's Got The Right" and "I'm Back", two songs Tom had written, with a studio band including James Burton on guitar. The second single was "Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain" and "The Boy I Left Behind" which have the "Blossoms" singing backup. The third and final single was another original by Tom "You've Got My Soul" with a non original "An Exception To The Rule" on the flip side. The Blossoms again added their backup vocals to the record. Tom and David were with A&M for about two years but they couldn't seem to get the elusive "hit" single.

Later Tom became known in Nashville and LA for his clever and infectious music. Tom wrote songs recorded by Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Barbara Mandrell and rock legend Dobie Gray. Today Tom is still writing classic good-feeling tunes, but this time he's performing them, too! Tom's self-titled debut album includes all original material. With the help of friends Tom Ayres and Yuji Togo on guitar, Dennis Murphy on bass, and Jimmy Norris on drums, Faia plays harmonica and his strong rhythm acoustic guitar holds it all together. He's lived and performed in LA and Nashville and now he's back home on the Monterey Peninsula living his dream and recording his second album to be released in 2012. Tom's currently playing solo acoustic shows throughout California as well as shows with his band, The Juice, which includes friends Dave Evert on guitar, Scott Rudoni on bass, and Bill Kucher on drums.

Tom And David are still good friends today and both live on the Monterey Pennisula.

Tom has his own great web site.Click the link to visit. Tom Faia

Who's Got The Right

I'm Back

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain

The Boy I left Behind

You've Got My Soul

Exception To The Rule

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