Charolette Wood

Bob Wence - Guitar,vocals
Jody Wence - Keyboards,vocals
Larry Hosford - Bass,vocals
Reggie Shaffer - Drums
Terry Shehorn - Guitar,vocals

Larry Hosford comments on Charolette Wood:

"Charolette Wood was the E-Types in disguise, bogus to the bone.
Our manager, a bona fide jerk, produced an LP called "The San
Francisco International Pop Festival". Used lots of his acts,
all unheard of before or since. Didn't matter. There never was
such a thing as a San Francisco International Pop Festival. Bogus!
We refused to participate but somehow got weasled into the scam.
But not without the alias. Reggie and the Wence Bros. are trying to
hide behind their shades."

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Friendly Indians

Good Day

Larry Hosford, Reggie Shaffer, Jody Wence, Terry Shehorn, Bob Wence